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Pocket Monsters Wall Sticker Wall Art Decal Mural

Pocket Monsters Wall Sticker Wall Art Decal Mural

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👾 Pocket Monsters Wall Sticker Wall Art Decal Mural. Something for Pokemon enthusiasts. This wall decor pieces would make a great addition to your children wall bedroom. Super easy to apply, looks as painted on the wall, available in variety of colours and finishes so you can create your own amazing look. Easy to apply, with how-to-fit instructions. Once installed will look as it has been painted on (matt finish only).

🇬🇧 All our products are handmade in our UK workshop and arrive in recyclable packaging 🌿 Fitting instructions included with the purchase ⚜️

Size guide:

• Pokeball @ 8cm (7pcs)
• Masterball @ 8cm (7pcs)
• Ultraball @ 8cm (7pcs)
• Loveball @ 8cm (7pcs)
• Charizard @ 45 cm (1pcs)
• Eevee @ 45 cm (1pcs)
• Small Name + Pikachu 27cm x 20cm (WxH)
• Medium Name + Pikachu 55cm x 42cm (WxH)
• Large Name + Pikachu 90cm x 70cm (WxH)

Q: Can they be removed?
Yes, they can. For easy removal use a hairdryer/heat gun and peel away slowly.
Q: Can I use them twice?
Unfortunately not, once applied that is it.
Q: How long do they last?
Our vinyl material will last approximately 5 years outdoors and will last even longer indoors.

🙋‍♀️ If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

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